Definitions, explanations, useful information on regenerative agriculture, low-carbon, Scope 3 emissions, etc.

📌 ☑️ Find out in this special report how to measure biodiversity in regenerative agriculture: essential indicators.

🌍 E' ormai più di un anno che è stato avviato un progetto di Carbon Farming con l'obiettivo di testare e calibrare il nostro strumento MyEasyCarbon per il calcolo e la produzione di crediti di carbonio da attività agricola.

📌 ☑️ Find out in this special report how data is impacting regenerative agriculture and enabling agricultural chains to make the right decisions to restore ecosystems

MyEasyFarm organized a conference on regenerative agriculture on February 26 at the Salon de l'Agriculture 2024. Watch the replay of the conference.

What are the benefits of using a digital MRV tool for Verra's VCS Standards VM0042?

MyEasyFarm is featured on the map created by Foodbyte and Rabobank for Innovations 2023.

Adopted to meet the climate objectives of the French National Low-Carbon Strategy, the Label Bas-Carbone is the first voluntary climate certification framework in France.

Low-carbon agriculture and regenerative agriculture for an agro-ecological transition in agriculture.

In recent years, companies and governments have mobilized strongly in favor of sustainable practices.

Here are a few examples of low-carbon project levers.

In the fight against climate change, one sentence has often been heard in boardrooms around the world: Scope 3 emissions.

At a time when climate change is in the news and sustainability is becoming a top priority, the way we produce food is changing.

As part of the ongoing fight against climate change, industries and organizations around the world have recognized the importance of setting science-based targets to reduce their carbon footprint. As these efforts develop, SBTi FLAG has emerged as an important tool for increasing openness and accountability.

When a farm commits to reducing its carbon footprint, there are a number of levers that can be activated to help it achieve its objective.