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Discover digital solutions to support your low-carbon projects and your agro-ecological transition (Scope 3, premiums, international labels and other methodologies).

MyEasyFarm leverages its expertise in data aggregation and interoperability with the technological environment (satellite data, drones, ground scanners, weather stations...) at farm level, to enable farmers and agribusinesses to leverage data for scalability, traceability, profitability and sustainability.

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Simplified diagnostic

Raise farmers' awareness of the need to change practices rapidly and create a database for Scope 3.


With MyEasyCarbon, benefit from a certified tool for diagnosing, simulating, calculating and monitoring low-carbon projects.

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Agricultural advisors and cooperatives can monitor several farms from a single platform.

Project Manager

Manage and track the progress of your projects according to their specific features! Scope 3, Low Carbon, etc.

MyEasyFarm's strengths

Estimate the impact of large-scale changes

Simplified data entry for farmers via the simplified carbon diagnostic: 15 minutes is all it takes!

A turnkey tool for chambers of agriculture, cooperatives, sales outlets and supply chains to raise farmers' awareness, combined with a platform for tracking results.

MyEasyCarbon's Simplified Carbon Diagnostic enables farmers to quickly assess the state of their farm, based on the limited data they are familiar with, giving them an estimate of the impact of their changes in cultivation practices.

  1. Raise your farmers' awareness
  2. Identify farms with potential for low-carbon projects
  3. Refine your knowledge of large-scale farming practices


No need to search for detailed data in various files. This diagnostic can be carried out in just 15 minutes.

Choose the certified solution for low-carbon projects

MyEasyCarbon complies with the Bureau Véritas "Label Bas Carbone Grandes Cultures" method for supporting farmers and agricultural advisors in their low-carbon projects in France and abroad.

Diagnosis: Based on farm data, the tool draws up a carbon balance sheet for the farm.

Calculation and simulation: Based on assumptions about changes in farming practices, MyEasyCarbon is able to generate different scenarios and indicate the potential gain in carbon credits.

Follow-up: The farmer chooses the action plan and associated cultivation practices, and can monitor its progress. The tool makes it possible to compare the planned objective and actual practices throughout the project.

MyEasyCarbon is interoperable with international labels.

visual advisor image report custom carbon regenerative agriculture

Follow several farms with "Advisor"

The "Advisor" module makes it easy for farm advisors to monitor several farms in just a few clicks.

MyEasyFarm has developed a time-saving solution for advisors.

A collaborative platform par excellence, the advisor module facilitates the monitoring of several farms, from farm advisors to project developers, agri-food companies and carbon credit buyers.

Make project management easier with Project Manager

The module dedicated to project developers.


Directly integrated into MyEasyCarbon, " Project Manager " is the module that facilitates the management of all types of projects (supply chain projects, Low Carbon Label, simplified diagnostics, other methodologies...), while offering a visualization and analysis of the operations concerned.

A real dashboard for project managers (cooperatives, retailers, Chambers of Agriculture...), the "Project Manager" module brings together all the information needed to manage a project according to its specific features.

Make soil carbon sequestration more reliable with "MyEasyBiomass".

The module dedicated to biomass analysis and quantification.

MyEasyBiomass lets you scale up cover crop biomass measurement for your regenerative agriculture programs.

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