Frequently asked questions

Between 5 minutes and half a day! Many factors are taken into account for the time of realization like the type of reference used, generic (departmental averages) or specific (interventions carried out the last 3 years on each of the plots). Also, retrieving data from partner software (such as SMAG Farmer, Geofolia, Mes Parcelles or Wiuz) saves considerable time!

You remain the owner of the data stored on MyEasyFarm (and thus of MyEasyCarbon), MyEasyFarm cannot resell these data in an anonymised or non-anonymised way. MyEasyFarm is recognized for its data protection by being DataAgri certified.

MyEasyCarbon is the simplest, most intuitive and complete tool on the market. Thanks in particular to its multiple connections with partner software, data entry time is optimised to the maximum. It also allows you to manage both your LBC GC carbon credits and the various sectorial premiums without having to re-enter data.

Carbon credits reward an improvement in the carbon balance of a farm. Increasing carbon storage in the soil and reducing GHG emissions generates carbon credits.