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Accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture while reducing your Scope 3 emissions.

Do you know the impact of your agro-industrial activity?

of agri-food companies emissions are linked to SCOPE 3
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Regenerative agriculture in your value chain.

📊 Measure and control your environmental footprint with an MRV tool.

Simplified diagnostic

Develop a Scope 3 database with an easy-to-use tool.


Would you like to draw up Regenerative Agriculture specifications?


Benefit from a tool for monitoring multiple farms from a single platform.

Project Manager

Track your indicators to effectively manage your projects.

Our services for agri-food companies and distributors

Many agri-food companies are already involved in regenerative agriculture.

Towards regenerative, sustainable and reasoned agriculture

Data collection is a key element today in projects linked to the reduction of scope 3 emissions in upstream agriculture, or in the context of supply chain bonuses and premiums.

MyEasyFarm's expertise in precision agriculture enables the company to collect reliable, verifiable data directly from the farmer. Our solutions are interoperable with the majority of plot management software and OADs, facilitating data exchange and the fluidity of exchanges.

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