About us

MyEasyFarm is first and foremost a company made up of highly motivated human beings in yellow overalls.

Find out more about the company, its commitment to sustainable development, its partners and the latest news.

Who are we?

MyEasyCarbon is a group of solutions developed by MyEasyFarm, a French AgTech start-up based in Reims and founded in 2017 by François Thierart. The company supports the agricultural world in its agro-ecological transition through 2 digital solutions which are: MyEasyFarm and MyEasyCarbon.

Mission-driven company

MyEasyFarm is committed to helping agriculture meet the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 2, 12 and 13. The MyEasyFarm team brings its knowledge and expertise in agriculture and data management to the table, thanks to its talented graduates from engineering schools in agronomy and computer science.

Our partners

MyEasyFarm has developed numerous partnerships with various organizations and companies in France and abroad. Partners, associations, startup accelerators, distributors... find them all on the MyEasyFarm website.

The news

Events, press reviews, latest news, find all the information and news about MyEasyCarbon and MyEasyFarm directly on the MyEasyFarm website.