Together, let's build asustainable future for agriculture!

We have the experience and tools to support you towards regenerative and sustainable agriculture.

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The all-in-one tool

MyEasyFarm has the tools to support farmers, project developers, agricultural advisors and agro-industrialists from A to Z. It's the MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) platform par excellence.

From simplified diagnostic to project management

From farmer awareness to project management for project developers and agri-food companies.

Certified solutions

A certified tool for diagnosing, simulating, calculating and monitoring low-carbon projects, international labels and other methodologies.

Collaborative platform for low-carbon and regenerative agriculture

Reliable and verifiable

Solutions based on declarative and numerical data to guarantee reliability (Premiums, Low Carbon, Scope 3, etc.).


Our solutions can be adapted to the various stakeholders involved, so that information can be shared across the entire value chain and support the agro-ecological transition.

For agri-food value chains: agri-food companies, cooperatives, farmers.

Find out what our partners like Carbone Farmers, Resoil, Eureden and Invers have to say.

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MyEasyCarbon is for you

if you are...

Agri-Food Company and Distributor

Introduction of supply chain bonuses and premiums, reduction of scope 3 emissions.

Cooperative, trade, organization

Cooperatives, wholesalers, agricultural organizations: you are the key intermediary.

Project owner and consulting firm

Buying carbon credits & financing change


Change your farming practices and generate carbon credits.

The challenges of regenerative agriculture

We help you understand the agro-ecological challenges of today and tomorrow.