A cooperative, a trade or an agricultural organisation

Become a key player

low-carbon projects
with MyEasyCarbon

You are a cooperative, a trade or an agricultural organisation and you wish to...

...How to make this project a reality? How to generate credit on a large number of farms?

is the digital solution to help you to accompany your farmers in their Low Carbon project with peace of mind.

MyEasyCarbon allows you to :

propose and use a collaborative monitoring tool:

Facilitate your exchanges with farmers, the creation of reports on all farms, audits based on reliable data.

Because keeping a link with your farmers is essential for you!

Identify the potential for reductions in CO2 emissions from your members or customers.

provide a tailor-made action plan for each operation to create carbon credits.

Because every farm is different, because every farmer is different!

use a secure, open platform that complements the plot management tools.

Our platform has been awarded the Data-Agri 2020 label and is open and complementary to existing plot management tools currently on the market.

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