A low-carbon project leader and manager

MyEasyCarbon and Carbone Farmers, a tool adapted to support a global Low-Carbon approach for farms. The case of a Bas-Carbone project leader.


"We chose MyEasyCarbon because it was the first tool to comply with Bureau Véritas' Label Bas Carbone Grandes Cultures method. It's also interoperable with all our other monitoring and data collection tools."

Carbone Farmers supports farmers with concrete, sustainable solutions to accelerate the agricultural transition.

On a daily basis, they support farmers in their low-carbon projects.

Testimony of Thibaut SAVOYE, Partner at CARBONE FARMERS

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MyEasyCarbon in 3 words?

In 3 words, MyEasyCarbon means reliable data collection. It's interoperability with all the tools available to farmers, and it's digital.

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🌍 E' ormai più di un anno che è stato avviato un progetto di Carbon Farming con l'obiettivo di testare e calibrare il nostro strumento MyEasyCarbon per il calcolo e la produzione di crediti di carbonio da attività agricola.

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