Launch of "Project Manager" of MyEasyCarbon, the module for managing low-carbon projects dedicated to Project Owners

Paving the way for a low carbon agriculture: MyEasyCarbon, realizes its first low carbon projects in France. The company also launches the "Project Manager" module of MyEasyCarbon for low-carbon project owners.



At the crossroads of Low Carbon Agriculture and Precision Agriculture, the software publisher MyEasyFarm announces its presence at the 2023 Paris International Agricultural Show at the Parc des Expositions-Porte de Versailles in the Digital Farm Area, a real "lung" of innovation and new technologies of the event. Founded on the mission to accompany the agricultural & agri-food world in its ecological transition, MyEasyFarm will present its two cutting-edge digital solutions: MyEasyFarm and MyEasyCarbon on its booth in the Digital Farm Area, Hall 4 - D069.

For this 59th edition of the show, MyEasyFarm presents a rich news:

Paving the way for a low-carbon agriculture: MyEasyCarbon, realizes its first low-carbon projects in France.

With the official status ofcompany with a missionthe start-up's objective is to avoid 1 million tons of CO2 equivalent by 2025equivalent by 2025, while remunerating farmers for their changes in practices towards a more sustainable agriculture.

After eighteen months of launch and its official compliance with the "Low Carbon Label", MyEasyCarbon is the digital platform par excellence that allows to generate reliable carbon credits on field crop farms. This year, it announces a convincing result marked by the launch of its low-carbon projects in France.

To date, the company has already launched 30 carbon pilot projects projects in partnership with cooperatives and more than 1,500 simplified carbon diagnostics have been carried out for farmers. It supports 215 agricultural operations and announces 150,000 tons of CO2 captured by farmers in France and abroad.


MyEasyCarbon launches the "Project Manager" module for low-carbon project managers 

A real dashboard for a project leader (cooperatives, traders, Chambers of Agriculture...), the Project Manager" module gathers all the information necessary to manage a Low Carbon project from A to Z. On a single tool, the manager can visualize and analyze the different indicators he wants to follow on the whole of his project and the concerned farms.

The module allows:

  • from gather all the information of all operations independently and consolidated in a single dashboard :
    • The user can view the carbon credits generated and being generated by farm, by hectare and in total.
    • He can see the carbon footprint by crop for all the farmers participating in his project. For example, the tool can measure the impact of one ton or one hectare of wheat in terms of GHG emissions or provide an average of this impact on the perimeter of the farmers participating in the project.

    • It can visualize the co-benefits of a Low Carbon project which are the positive impacts generated on other indicators such as soil erosion, air quality, biodiversity...

    • The user also has access to the carbon credit generation performance.

  • of visualize "from all angles" the indicators of the project. For example, the project owner can access a detailed view of his project by agricultural advisor, by farm, by geographical area and by type of low-carbon project.

  • of monitor the overall progress of a project at a glance on all project participants. For example, 20% of the participants are at the diagnosis stage, 15% at the carbon credit simulation stage...

Integrated directly into MyEasyCarbon, this module is adapted to any type of Low Carbon project projects (chain projects, Low Carbon Label, simplified diagnosis, other methodologies...). According to the project owner's needs, the dashboard indicators are can be customized on request. Ergonomic and unique on the marketthe platform allows a precise follow-up by providing clear clear reports reports to users. The price is unique and additional to the MyEasyCarbon package.

Visual 1: Mapping of all the operations of a project - "Project Manager" module of MyEasyCarbon 

Visual 2: Dashboard of a low-carbon project of a farm - "Project Manager" module of MyEasyCarbon 

Visual 3: The interface by culture - "Project Manager" module of MyEasyCarbon 


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