MyEasyFarm took part in the seminar of the Agrotic Chair

MyEasyFarm spoke at the seminar of the Agrotic Chair on the theme of carbon

Seminar on carbon footprint assessment in the agricultural sector: what contribution can digital tools make?

Ecolabels, low carbon labels, carbon credits and offsets... Agriculture has been expected to provide solutions to improve its environmental footprint and contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of food and even other industries. What can be done to better manage and promote it? For half a day, MyEasyFarm participated to assess the issues, the tools available, their benefits and limitations to support the generation of carbon credits through agriculture, eco-design methods for agricultural raw materials, and environmental labelling products for agricultural food. The event was co-organised by the president ofAgroTIC and the president of Elsa-Pact with the support ofAgri Sud-Ouest Innovation in charge of facilitation and was held online at 2pm on 13 April 2021.

The programme

The day was moderated by Pierre Compère from the Agri Sud-Ouest Innovation cluster


14:00 - Welcome of the participants and framing of the seminar
AgroTIC Chair and ELSA-PACT Chair

14h10 - Reminder of the issues and definitions: what is the carbon footprint in agriculture?
Philippe Roux, ELSA-PACT Chair

2.30 pm - The regulatory and institutional dynamics to address carbon impact: labels, methods, legislative framework
Claudine Foucherot, I4CE

14h50 - Methods and tools for assessing the carbon footprint of agricultural practices: the example of field crops
Baptiste Soenen, Arvalis-Institut du Végétal

Presentation of tools and feedback

15h05 Collecting data on agricultural practices: advantages and limitations of agricultural information systems
Guillaume Vigneron, SMAG & Edouard Lanckriet, Agrosolutions

  • 15h25 - Reporting on real practices: automatic feedback and integration of machine data
    François Thierart, MyEasyFarm

15h40 - Assessing carbon storage in soils: prospects and limitations of satellite imagery and AI
William Clements, RizeAg

15h55 - A user's point of view: obstacles and levers to the deployment of tools in the field
Sylvain Hypolite, Agro d'Oc

16h10 - Conclusion
Bruno Tisseyre, AgroTIC Chair and Philippe Roux, ELSA-PACT Chair


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